IEEE International Workshop


Defects, Adaptive Test, Yield and Data Analysis



Nov 17-18 2016


Fort Worth, TX



Submission Deadline: October 7, 2016 (extended)

Notification of Acceptance: October 21, 2016

Camera Ready Paper (.pdf): November 4, 2016

Final Presentation Slides (.ppt): November 9, 2016


DATA-2016 will be held in conjunction with ITC 2016

THEME: “Toward Real Time Understanding”

The scope of the DATA workshop once again returns to our common theme, which has always been DATA, specifically, semiconductor test and yield data. We in the semiconductor industry create billions of data points every hour, and we’ve made great strides in capturing, storing, and analyzing these data. As the cost of storage falls, and query and analysis capabilities become ever more powerful, the next horizon for DATA professionals is Real Time Understanding. How quickly can we turn our copious data from wafer sort, final test, in-line defect inspection, etc. into an understanding that leads to immediate or even pre-emptive action? The time and cost pressures we’re facing as an industry make the move towards short-loop process improvement an imperative.

The Organizing Committee for the DATA-2016 Workshop is soliciting papers in the area of semiconductor test, yield analysis, learning, and improvement. Of particular interest are advanced techniques and new tools for approaching Real Time Understanding of yield loss drivers, tester & manufacturing efficiency, & outlier detection in semiconductor manufacturing, including implementation of adaptive test. Preference will be given to real-world case studies.

Ideas or proposals for Embedded Tutorials, Debates, Panel Discussions and Poster style “Spot-Light” presentations describing industrial experiences or research are also invited.


To present at the workshop, send to a PDF version of an extended abstract or a full paper (Max 10 pages, double column, 11pt font size, IEEE proceeding format) by October 7, 2016. Each submission should include full name and address of each author, affiliation, telephone number, FAX and Email address. Camera-ready papers for inclusion in the digest of papers will be due on November 4, 2016.


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Suggested Topics

Real Time Analysis Methods

Real Time Test Process Monitoring

Yield Learning and Analysis

Analog Fault modeling and coverage

Analog effects in Digital Logic

Embedded Instrumentation (iJTAG)

Advanced dppm reduction & reliability improvement techniques

Data Acquisition & Transport

Adaptive Test for Product Engineers

Data Analysis methods, including

multivariate data

Fault Localization and Diagnosis

Data storage and security

I/O Test, Tuning, and Adjustment

Product and Project Case studies

General Information:

Jennifer Dworak

Southern Methodist University, USA.


Technical Program Submissions:

Arani Sinha

Intel, USA.



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